Services offered

Bellelli Engineering primarily designs and supplies process plants and equipment for the Oil and Gas industry, ranging from oil and gas field production facilities to treatment and refining. 
Our capabilities also include advanced systems for Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, and Power generation plants. In addition, Bellelli Engineering provides Advanced Process Control systems to ensure smooth plant operations under the most critical conditions with consistent product quality. 
Bellelli Engineering’s systems offer outstanding reliability, optimum service and productivity while maximizing safety. 
At Bellelli Engineering, the Health and Safety of our employees and end-users starts in the design phase of our products, and continues with strict quality control steps and sytems into the production phase.  Flexibility is also a key part of our company’s working philosophy, and is essential in providing better quality equipment and services at the right price.
Our people are oriented toward meeting our clients’ every need. 
Bellelli Engineering’s worldwide headquarters are in Rovigo (Italy). With clients that include major oil companies and the world’s most important EPC contractors,  we offer full quality assurance and control. Our location is equidistant to Venice, Bologna and Verona airports, giving clients an easy way to reach our company offices and the production facility. It’s no secet that a client satisfaction is the a company’s best reference—and that is the goal of Bellelli Engineering.
Belleli Engineering offers a wide range of services to fully satisfy the needs ofclients, on time and on budget. Our organizational structure creates the flexibility and connections that place clients in direct contact with key staff to simplify and accelerate decision making. Bellelli Engineering can follow the engineering practices of the most demanding oil companies, and adhere to the most important national codes and international standards as applied. 
Additionally, we offer Consulting services, supply of individual process units and/or the renovation of old plants as part of our market services. These services range from basic design to detailed engineering and procurement, from manufacturing of single process equipment to the production of skid-mounted units or modules. 
Supervision and assistance during the erection and start-up phases are another key element of our services. 
Bellelli Engineering offers an array of after-sales services including spare parts supply and management.