On 1 July 2010, thanks to sponsorship of Bellelli Engineering S.p.A., Antonio Monesi and Valeria Rizzi combined with the commitment and enthusiasm of a group of people to the sport, including Andrea Scanavacca, national champion of Rugby and Fabio Volpe, ex-manager of volleyball national comitee, who felt able to propose and develop a sports project with great ambitions, born Beng volley, one of the most ambitious projects of the sports landscape of the Italian volleyball .

Beng Volley is a young and dynamic club that in few years has achieved important goals in line with the determination and passion of its supporters. After participating in the championships of the series B1 and B2 and was admitted into Serie A2 Women's National League for sport season 2013-14. A historic achievement for the club who has reached the Series A2 in just three years and ranking among the ranks of volleyball that matters, proving able to face the challenges of the National Women's Volleyball. The club's project does not stop at only the first team, but actively engages the whole world of youth, with the clear intention to create a large pool of athletes in the territory.

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