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Bellelli Engineering started developing Membrane Nitrogen generators since latest on ’90 years age and produced the first high-tech reliable packages in early 2000.

Membrane Nitrogen Generators have been designed and produced for On and Off-Shore installation.

Never stopping the technological research and improvement, along the years, the systems became even more reliable, compact and efficient.

The pressure drop across the systems have been dramatically reduced, the filtering systems have been made more efficient even reducing the dimensions, the material selection has been deeply studied and, almost every time, the systems are having better quality than client’s requirements. Field automation has been optimized, being installed in the proper position and having made proper choices to have the right redundancy wherever required.

The system can be designed with one or more oxygen analyzers, to grant to the users the most reliable measure of the oxygen content.

Bellelli Membrane Generators can produce gaseous Nitrogen at different Flowrote and nitrogen purity from 95% to 99.9 %. Flowrate may be increased thanks to the modular philosophy adopted with the advanced design.

These systems can meet a wide range of market needs and are already utilised in the petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metallurgical, heat treatment and food packaging and processing industries.

The systems are fully automatic and can run continuously, or on/off as necessary to suit customer demand where batch processes are using the product.

All this can be backed up by a remote monitoring telemetry system which reports any warnings of faults to Bellelli Engineering the moment they occur.

Clients may count on the after sales services that allow clients having a continuous feed back and support on the system management.